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Over the past few years, the Union Territory has brought an enormous improvement in its infrastructure facilities which have served as a basis for industrial growth. In percentage terms, the contribution from industrial sector has shot to 45.77 % from 33.62 %, which clearly underlines a massive growth.

Encouraged by the same, a number of other industries are also looking forward to expand their horizons to Pondicherry. This may give a boost to Pondicherry property market by producing a demand for both the commercial spaces and residential units. Moreover, the city sure shows a lot of promise in varied aspects.

Apart from the active support of manufacturing units, high concentration of prominent hardware producers such as IBM, WIPRO, such as IBM, WIPRO serve as the add-on features responsible for Pondicherry’s infrastructure. Most of these industries run sizeable operations here.

Also, Pondicherry has a fairly proficient technical workforce for the software industry though it needs to underpin its IT training to stay in step with the present market demands. In the wake of such activities to come, the Union territory is certainly to rise in the commercial real estate sector.

The Govt. of Puducherry had initially started three industrial estates in the Territory in order to motivate the industrial development. Later a Corporation for industrial development has been established in the year 1974 viz. Pondicherry Industrial Promotion, Development and Investment Corporation (PIPDIC). Then the corporation has taken over the infrastructure development for industrial promotion. Four industrial estates were developed and allotted to the needy entrepreneurs.

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All the industrial estates are provided with all necessary basic infrastructure facilities.


Thattanchavady Industrial Estate was established in the year 1962 over an area of 51 acres of the land. There are 60 sheds of various sizes, 39 plots of 11,200 Sq. Ft and 10 plots of 7,500 Sq.ft. 110 units are functioning in the estate. In order to encourage the industries the sheds/plots are sold under Hire-purchase Scheme and Conditional Assignment scheme.


The Rural Industrial Estate, Kattukuppam, Manapet was established in the year 1969 over an area of 15.58 acres of the land. There are 13 sheds and 38 plots of 11,200 Sq. Ft. There are 19 units functioning in this estate.


The Rural Industrial Estate, Kottucherry, Karaikal was established in the year 1968 over an area of 7.66 acres of the land. There are 25 sheds and 24 plots of various sizes. There are 18 units functioning in this estate.


The Industrial Estate, at Metttupalayam was established in the year 1976 over an area of 167.00 acres by PIPDIC . There are 367 plots and 89 sheds of various sizes. 257 units are functioning in this Industrial Estate.


The Industrial Estate, at Sedarapet was established in the year 1982 over an area of 62.19 acres by PIPDIC . There are 191 plots of various sizes. 83 units are functioning in this PIPDIC Industrial Estate.


The Industrial Estate, at Kirumampakkam was established by PIPDIC over an area of 25.00 acres. 19 units are functioning in this PIPDIC Industrial Estate.


An exclusive industrial for Electronic Industries was established by PIPDIC over an area of 50 acres



With a small industrial inheritance of 3 textile mills Puducherry has come a long way. Now it has 7871 industries representing a cross section of industries.

Seven well established industrial estates with comprehensive infrastructure facilities propelling the Industrial growth of Puducherry.

Spectacular performance at export front. Principal export items are Leather, Chemicals, Textiles and Metallic products.