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orbarThe Pondicherry Museum


Established in 1983 , the Pondicherry museum is situated in Saint Louis Street of Pondicherry . It houses sculpture from Pallava, Chola and Vijaynagara temples. There are Budhha images from Kirmampakkam (pondicherry) and bronzes from the Chola, Vijaynagara and Nayaka periods including arms and weapons.Pondicherry has interesting artistic past which can be found through the displayed terracota figures,burial urns, glass beads , shards of Arretine and Roulletted ware that have been excavated from its ground. The Museum provides a glimpse into Pondicherry's rich past and present. The Archaeological section displays a collection of the famous findings from Arekamedu, like Roman pottery, burial urns, etc. The French Gallery is the most interesting part of the museum which has an office and drawing, dining and bed-rooms with furniture typical of French India. The other sections of the museum are on geology, bronze images, arms, handicrafts and art. The Museum brings back to memory the glorious past of Pondicherry from the days of the pre-Christian era down to the present day providing glimpses of the art and culture of the people of this region during the Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagar days.

Open: 9.40am-1pm & 2-5.20pm, closed Mondays. Admission: Rs2.
Address: 49 St Louis St