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 Shopping & Facilities

 Pondy - Shopping Details

The dolls of Pondicherry are the pride of its handicraft industry. The terracotta, papier mache and plaster of paris dolls popularly known as "Puducheri Bommai" are available at handicraft emporia all over the town. The Korai mats woven from a species of grass are also popular with tourists and are available even in small shops

Ashram and Auroville
Ashram and Auroville craftsman make fine marbled silk and hand-dyed fabrics, perfumes, incense sticks, handmade paper, handloom rugs, bedspreads, pottery and various other products which may be bought at the Boutique d' Auroville, Harmonie Boutique, Ashram Exhibition Centre, Aurocreation, AuroTibetan Handicrafts etc.

Puducherry has long been a centre for the production of household linen and garment textiles. Jawaharlal Nehru Street is a best shopping area for textile and other ready-made garments.

Shopping centres
Mahatma Gandhi road & Jawaharlal Nehru streets are the best shopping areas of Pondicherry.

Sunday Market
The Sunday Market has recently attained popularity among locals and tourists. Merchants from various places markets variety of products like readymade garments, clothes, toys, household items and many more articles. The location of Sunday market is the cutting point of Jawaharlal Nehru street and Mahatma Gandhi road.

Jewellery and Silverware
Bharathi street, Kosakadai street and Ambal Madam streets are the best shopping areas for jewellery and silverware

There are five major Shopping area's for visitors

  • Anna Salai
  • Nehru Street (J.N.Street)
  • Mahatma Gandhi Street (M.G.Street)
  • Cathedral Street (Mission Street)
  • Romain Rolland Street

All the shops open from 10.00 a.m to 01.00 p.m and 04.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m. Most shops close on Sunday.

Puducherry is the favourite stomping ground of the passionate shopper. It's an octroi - free destination for everything from cars to consumer goods. In addition, there is an enticingly low incidence of sales tax. Shop - hoppers will also relish the pleasant ambience of the boutiques in puducherry, which cater to a wide range of tastes, offering stylish garments, semi - precious stones, perfumes, hand - made incense, candles embossed with real petals, marbled silks and aromatherapy products. One can also find a variety of handicrafts from Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka, Kashmir, Tibet and puducherry of course.

Leather:  Making leather the forgotten way, with exacting attention to detail, is what separates the puducherry brands from the rest. Carefully finshed, innovative products with quality can be found in many leather shops in Pondy.

Pottery :  Excellent ceramic artists and artisans work in puducherry and Auroville. They keep a keen eye out for the right kind of clay and glazes and make the kilns appropriate to the local environment. Lending their signature an elegant simplicity and a unique decorative flourish.

Aromatics:  The aromatics in puducherry is world famous for high - quality non - toxic incense sticks and cones as well as scented candles, perfumed oils and sachets, incense holders, ceramic holders and diffusers.

Foods:  A variety of jams is produced by Naturellement in Auroville. Some of the produces available are jellies, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, French mustard, peanut butter and other exotic preserves. One can also find snacking cheeses and the cooking kind in Auroville.

Puducherry is famous for its mineral water of which Pondichérry Mineral Water by PASIC is the most known.

  Unique Products of Puducherry

  • Puducherry art
  •  Handicraft items
  •  Leather products
  •  Fashions from Auroville
  •  Aromatics from locals, ashram and auroville
  •  Handmade paper products
  •  Ashram mementoes
  •  Ceramic tableware and décor items
  •  Décor items from village artisans
  •  South Indian collectibles
  •  Antique furniture
  •  Modern design furniture
  •  European cuisine and French bakery items.



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